Andrew McMurchy

Andrew McMurchy LANCE SERGEANT 1831387
Andrew served on School Combined Cadet Forces throughout his teaching career. He was in the army section of the CCF at the high school for many years and finally became Lieutenant Colonel. Whilst studying French and German at Cambridge University Andrew was enlisted at Yeovil in July 1941. He originally signed up to the Royal Artillery but was transferred to Special Intelligence Duties in April 1942, training in Harpenden. He worked with Special Wireless Section Y service, with 1st Army and Americans in North Africa and 8th Army in Italy and Austria. Working with signals his duties included dealing with codes and ciphers, both classifying and decoding. Andrew was awarded the Africa Star on 14.4.44, and Mentioned in Despatches 11.1.45 for particular work on a code, for which he received the oak leaf. Andrew with medal

In 2013 Andrew was put on the Bletchley Park Roll of Honour, for his work with the Intelligence Corps during the war, although he did not actually work in Bletchley. He is seen here holding the certificate and badge.