Beryl Garrard

Beryl GarrardCorporal Beryl Stevenson joined the RAF in 1942 staying 1 week in Bridgenorth the be kitted out, 4 weeks in Morecombe 'square bashing' and learning all about the RAF. She was then posted to Harwell, and Operational Training Unit, as a hairdresser. In 1943 Beryl was sent to Wilmslow to complete her Corporal's training and was posted to Bletchley in 1944.

Whilst at Harwell Beryl met husband-to-be, RAF Flight Sergeant Arthur Charles Garrard.
They were engaged on 22nd August, 1943 and married in St Martin's 15th April, 1944.
Beryl left the RAF a few months later when she became pregnant with their first son, Rodney, who was born 3rd February, 1945.

Beryl Garard and husband

RAF Flight Sergeant Arthur Charles Garrard went to Singapore with the RAF in 1938 and was ordered to leave as the Japanese invaded in 1942. Before they left he, and nine others, were told to demolish all aircraft sites and burn all of the fuel so that enemy hands could not use it. The boat did not wait for them so they escaped in an Army ambulance to the straits where they found an old fishing boat and began their journey home. They were picked up by a naval vessel and taken to Cape Town. From there they sailed on the Queen Mary, landing on the 'bonnie banks of Clyde'. Arthur was posted to an American air base in Fulsham, Norfolk in 1944, the same year Beryl was posted to Bletchley.

Arthur died 14th December, 1967 aged 54yrs.

Additional information One of the 'nine' was Jessica Gale's uncle, and another went on to become Bishop of Birmingham.