Peter Twinn

Peter TwinnPeter Anthony Sidney Twinn, (Uncle of Angela Davidge) was an RAF gunner who became known the world over for his part in the bombings of Dresden, Nuremberg and Berlin during the Second World War. He was awarded a DFC medal for bravery, spent the war providing covering fire cooped up in a bubble at the rear of a Lancaster Bomber.

On one occasion when his heating suit packed up, the panel on his bit of the plane had been removed to give him a better view but he was left freezing. He was so cold by the end of it they had to lift him out of the plane.

His role as a 'Tail-end Charlie' was notoriously risky only one in three survived the war and while his crew were hailed as heroes at the time, revisionist historians subsequently criticized the bombing of Dresden as unjustified. Later when he became president of the Epping and District Royal British Legion, Peter gave his views on the controversy saying œthe point is when you were actually bombing the place you didn't think of those that were being killed. You went out, did your job and tried to get home if you could.

Peter kept meticulous records, and would collect newspaper coverage of his missions correcting inaccuracies and propaganda in the margins. The priceless collection has now been handed over to the Imperial War Museum.

He died in 2010, aged 88yrs.