Lesley Cohen

I have been a member of St Martin's Church since I came to Nottingham in 1989. I loved its friendly, welcoming atmosphere right from the start. I think it's gone from strength to strength since then, with more and more ways in which all members are encouraged to live the good life God is calling us to, both in St Martin's, in Sherwood and further afield.

I have been privileged to co-ordinate our work with children and young people in church for some years now, which has given me great joy. It is so lovely to see all they bring to our community in creativity, drama, worship and sheer zest for life. It is great to see them read or lead our prayers and to watch them as they grow up
and go out into the big wide world.

I am delighted that in January 2019 we appointed a Children and Families Minister, Gill James, and I look forward to working with her to help our work with children and families flourish.

As I approached retirement from the NHS as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist I felt freer to take on broader roles within the church, including leading a home group, being part of a team leading services in care and residential homes for older people, reading and preaching. I have been supported in undertaking training as a Reader and as you can see from the picture, I made it, being licensed in October 2010. What is great about being a Reader is that it enables ordinary members of the church to play a really active part in church life, especially in preaching and leading worship. I enjoy both. I think God speaks to us through scripture with such richness and if I can convey just a little of that richness to my church family, then I am happy.

In my leisure time I enjoy singing in a chamber choir (www.sinfoniachorale.uk), a group of singers (Farnaby and Co) and occasionally solo. My singing teacher is brilliant and also a member of St Martin's, Lynne Wayman (http.lynnewaymanvoicecentre.com) I also enjoy playing tennis. I am a better singer than a tennis player, though I do keep trying. I like cooking and eating and if I had more time I'd spend a lot more of it in the wild hills. I love the outdoors and sunshine. Lesley

Lesley as reader